Galmudug Authorities Arrest Director of Codka Mudug Radio in Galkayo

Police arrested Hanad Abdi, director of Codka Mudug radio Friday morning in Galmudug administered south of Galkayo town, local journalists told Human Rights Journalists. No official charges have been brought against him, but a local journalist told HRJ he suspected Hanad was arrested for reporting news on a demonstration that took place in the southern part of Galkaio town yesterday. During the rally,  demonstrators were chanting slogans against the president of the FGS Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. The journalist is currently being held in the south Galkayo Central Police Station.

“Hanad Mohamed is being deprived of his freedom on the flimsiest of grounds. Airing a so-called ‘false news report’ should not be a criminal offense,” said HRJ Chairman Ismail Sheikh Khalifa. ” Galmudug authorities must respect press freedom”

There have been increasing cases of arrests and harassment of journalists in Somalia recently. HRJ believes the arrests are attempts to silence the free Press from reporting the truth on the ground.

Human Rights Journalists (HRJ) appeals for immediate and unconditional release of the journalist.

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