Jubbaland authorites arrest TV journalist in Kismayo

The Human Rights Journalists HRJ condemns the arrest of TV journalist in Kismayo town, the interim capital city of Jubbaland State of Somalia.  Jubbaland security forces arrested  Sabir Abdulkadir a cameraman for the Somali Cable Channel in the southern city of Kismayo on February 8, according to his manager Bishar.

The manager Bishar told HRJ that the arrested journalist was on assignment of asking people’s views about the performance of FGS a year after president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was elected as the president of Somalia on February 8 2017.

“This arrest of the journalist is deeply perturbing as it intimidates journalists and threatens press freedom in Somalia,” HRJ Chairman Ismail Sheikh Khalifa said. “Sabir Abdulkadir should be released without delay and without condition.”

The motive behind the arrest of the journalist is unclear and no charges were made against him but Jubbaland authorities are notorious violators of freedom of press and freedom of expression.

Jubbaland’s information minister, Abdinur Ali, whom HRJ had communicated did not respond to phone calls and text messages for comment.

HRJ calls on the Jubbaland authorities to stop the arbitrary arrest of journalists and to respect its constitution, the constitution of FGS and UDHR  which guarantee press freedom and Freedom of expression.

Jubbaland is the worst jailer of journalists in Somalia where journalists are censured, intimidated and taken into custody without charges. It is the only State in Somalia that deported local journalists and forced them to live in exile.

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