Security agencies of the FGS pose threat to press freedom in Somalia


The Human Rights Journalists (HRJ) expresses aggravation over the incessant press freedom violations committed by  the security agencies of the Federal Government of Somalia including the limitation or denial of access to information and the alienation of journalists trying to cover stories.

The latest press freedom infringement occurred on Thursday afternoon March 22 when the spokesman for the Ministry of Internal Security of the FGS Abdi Aziz Ali better known as “Hildhiban” prevented journalists from interviewing the witnesses of the terrorist car bomb attack that claimed the lives of fifteen innocent civilians and injured twenty others. Mr. Abdi Aziz held press conference at the scene of the tragedy but denied journalists to interview eyewitnesses ordering security personnel to disallow journalists to talk to the crowd.

“It is very unfortunate to see the security agencies of Somalia continuing the press freedom restriction hence breaching the provisional constitution of  Somalia when they should be protecting it.” Said Ismail Sheikh Khalifa, the chairman of Human Rights Journalists HRJ.

“Journalists have right to seek information and to disseminate it and the public have right to speak to and express their opinions, so the government must not repress freedom of press and freedom of expression.”  Added  HRJ chairman.

The Human Rights Journalists (HRJ) condemns all kinds of belligerence against journalists as intolerable and offensive.  We call on all government institutions and security agencies in particular to bring  press freedom violations to an end and allow journalists carry out their day to day activities freely and without restrictions.

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