HRJ Expresses Concern Over Government Dominated Media Consultative Meeting In Garowe Town

The Human Rights Journalists (HRJ) is deeply concerned about the Somali media consultative meeting in Garowe town of Puntland state of Somalia which is manipulated by delegates from the ministry of information of the FGS, information ministers of federal member states, the media of Banadir regional administration, Parliamentarians and senators.

The Ministry of Information of FGS which organized this consultation meeting did not give the due respect to the private media as all media associations representing independent media houses and other organizations promoting press freedom were left uninvited. The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) was the only organization asked to attend the meeting and This is yet another attempt in which the Ministry of Information of FGS is trying to instigate mistrust and disarray among private media when it should promote its unanimity.

HRJ believes that all media stakeholders deserve equal opportunities to attend conferences discussed on Somali media development and that the mutual respect and collaboration among all media stakeholders is the only way we can achieve our final objective which is promoting press freedom in Somalia.

HRJ appeals to the private media of Somalia that share our concern to remain stoic and unconditionally welcome anything worthwhile that comes out of this ill-organized media consultative meeting concluded in Garowe town today.

The Human Rights Journalists finally urges Ministry of Information of FGS to show clear conscience and become a role model for better collaboration between private media and the Ministry of Information.

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