Jubbaland Security Forces Torture a Local TV Journalist


The Human Rights Journalists condemn the torture of a TV journalist by Jubbaland security forces, stressing that the journalists are still facing threats and are not allowed access to report what is happening inside the country without fear.

Abdullahi Hussein Kilas of Eryal TV has been tortured by a group of Jubbaland security force in Kismayo town the interim capital city of Jubbaland State of Somalia on Sunday afternoon.

Local journalists in Kismayo town told HRJ that  Mr Abdullahi and other journalists were invited to cover a feeding program for fasting people by media and communication director of Jubbaland authority but members of security forces beat Abdullahi  as he tried to capture video clips of the scene. The security forces have also seized  broke his camera threatened him to shoot if he didn’t leave the place immediately.

Journalists in Jubbaland State of Somalia have long experienced recurrent violations including torture, arbitrary arrest and intimidations perpetrated by security forces of Jubbaland authorities.  Journalists  are also under permanent surveillance by Jubbaland intelligence agency and that prompted journalists to live in uncertainty and panic.

“The media must be allowed free access to report what is happening in their regions without facing  restrictions, intimidation or violence. We remind security personnel that they will be held accountable for their actions. “Be warned: whether you are ordering torture or carrying out the orders, you will be held personally criminally responsible,” Said HRJ Chairman Ismail Sheikh Khaifa.

HRJ shows solidarity with journalists and encourages them to remain resolute  and to continue serving their people despite the pressure  coming from press freedom foes.

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