About Us

The Human Rights Journalists (HRJ) is an independent, non profit and non-partisan association that  promotes human rights and media freedom in Somalia.

This organization was established in December 2017 by a group of human rights-minded  journalists who developed a sense of activism amidst a deteriorating context and glaring human rights violations in Somalia. HRJ promotes human rights in general and press freedom in particular. We research, monitor and document  human rights abuses and press freedom violations in Somalia.


A peaceful and democratic society free from human rights abuses and press freedom violations.


To promote human rights as provided for in the regional and international instruments that Somalia is party of and as provided in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

To train journalists on various thematic issues and enhance their competence and capacities to accurately and effectively report on human rights and good governance in Somalia.

To advocate for journalists’ rights, press freedom, social justice and  access to information.

To provide legal support to journalists.