The Human Rights Journalists (HRJ) carries out different forms of advocacy that include; Media advocacy, legal advocacy and legislative advocacy at national, regional and international levels depending on the nature of the problem being addressed and will engage at a level that adds value to the work of human rights journalists. HRJ has a strong  collaboration with Somali bar associations and other civil society organizations taking actions in defence of human rights.

Legal Support

With the help of bar associations in Somalia, HRJ offers free legal defence and representation to journalists in crises to build their confidence, safety and security as a way of enhancing their voices and other activists that will create enabling environment in which all the citizens of Somalia enjoy their basic human rights. HRJ intends to establish a special fund for Journalists facing state persecution and in need of immediate evacuation for their safety.

Capacity building and outreach

This involves several activities implemented to strengthen the skills and capacity learning of HRJ secretariat staff, volunteers, interns and the members of the organization. The programme aims at enhancing the capacity of the staff and members to undertake their various interventions in defence of human rights. HRJ delivers trainings to enable the members to accumulate the required skills and knowledge to effectively impact on the human rights situation in the country. HRJ will also discover opportunities for its members and other journalists to enhance their contribution to human rights promotion and protection.

Under this HRJ  will undertake out-reach programme for university and colleges targeting Mass-Communication and journalism students to nurture them into human rights journalism. HRJ will arrange in-country and out-of country internships and exchange programmes for the students and practicing journalists to facilitate cross-fertilization of experience, knowledge, specialization and replication of best practices to enable them advance the human rights agenda in Somalia.

Research and Documentation

HRJ documents human rights violations in general and press freedom in particular.  We also do monitoring and reporting, we use HRJ member journalists in the fields monitor human rights violations and report to HRJ head quarters in Mogadishu.